Spifftastic Design Change

A staple of Spifftastic is that I can change the design periodically. A staple of blogs is that you’re obligated to write a blog post about it, because otherwise how will anyone know? Aside from the visual changes.

Anyway, I rebuild Spifftastic, so the new theme is called Tracey. I figure that continues my tradition of giving projects terrible names. The main point of Tracey was mobile support — specifically to see if I could use one CSS file for phones, tablets, and desktops. So far, I’d say it worked out. You can see the mobile design by shrinking your browser window’s width to 600 pixels or less.

It’s about as simple as Oak, just colorful. And whereas there was always a bar at the top listing other pages, that’s now a sidebar on desktops that’ll scroll with you. The sidebar scrolling is disabled on iOS and Android tablets because I haven’t found a browser that handles fixed position elements well.

I borrowed the color palette from Ascension 2, which I’ll write something about later.1 The title’s additional text remains and all the other little things I liked about Oak. Also, everything is tinted purple. I find it readable that way.

Anyhow, that’s it for now. I’ll have a post up about Ascension 2 sometime later. Until then, not much new.

  1. Would like to finish the next update first, as I’ve aimed to put in a feature that I wanted for a long time. Said feature should also explain the removal of one particular setting between the two major versions of Ascension. [return]