Spifftastic on OakTree

As of today, Spifftastic now uses OakTree instead of WordPress. This post is fairly short because there’s not a lot to say, but I’ll try to talk about the transition a bit.

Most of the WordPress theme ported over cleanly. The stylesheet is the same, save for a few changes to accomodate the Google +1 button and to remove any vestigial traces of WordPress. The theme previously made use of a sidebar, which meant bits of the default WordPress widgets were themed. All of that’s gone now, so it’s surprisingly clean. The theme’s overall structure is still something of a mess from accumulated cruft over the years, but otherwise it works as expected.

The feed was my main concern. First, I’d previously never looked into generating RSS feeds, so I expected a great deal of pain and suffering to get it working. Turns out I was wrong: RSS feeds are dead simple. I suppose it lives up to its name in that regard – it’s a very, very pleasant format to work with.

Second, the RSS feed location changed. As you can see in the previous post, I created a FeedBurner URL for the feed, but this turned out to be more or less unnecessary. mod_rewrite took care of most of the URL-changing pains (previous permalinks were year/month/post-slug, whereas they now have a post/ prefix). As a result, the feed issue is mostly gone. The FeedBurner URL will remain active because I’m a jackass and didn’t consider the options at the time, but it won’t harm anyone to switch.

So, Spifftastic now uses OakTree. About damn time.