This is Spifftastic, and I am Noel Cower. This is where I put most of my personal writing. This site contains whatever I want to write about, because it wouldn’t be much fun if I stuck to a specific area, such as technology. The emphasis is to produce what I want to write and to present it in a manner that allows you to read it without clicking ‘next page’ links in the middle of an article, suffering through advertisements, or otherwise putting up with the many annoying aspects of modern websites.

As of this writing, I have a degree in English with an emphasis on writing from Boise State University. In my spare time, I develop software, create art for games, and write fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I try to do anything I can to learn new skills in the process, because you can never try to master too many skills (unless you’re a die-hard follower of Kant). You can read more about that in my post, “With Respect to Motivation”, which covers some of the reasons I do what I do.

At any rate, have fun.


In addition to the resumé link in the pages list, if you’d like to read my resumé, it is available in two formats. All have the same content and differ only in presentation.

  • HTML → HTML version of my resumé, also linked to from the pages (except on mobile layouts). Printer-friendly. This can also be found on GitHub.
  • PDF → This is simply a PDF compiled from the HTML version.

All resumes exclude references. I ask that you please contact me for those. Both resumes contain an email address for you to contact me at.